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A Moment of Weakness (Jack/Ianto)

Title: A Moment of Weakness
Fandom: Torchwood
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Ianto is unfit for duty for the time being. He is also less than pleased.
Author's Notes: This was a prompt request on tumblr and it's a mix of hurt/comfort, fluff and angst. The title is stupid, but it's one past midnight and I cannot be arsed to think of a better one. I hope you enjoy it, though!

Predictably enough, it didn’t take long for Ianto to get restless.

Jack had tried everything at this point – he’d let him walk outside despite the fact that he really wasn’t supposed to, he’d let him come to work for an hour or two every day – but it hadn’t been enough. Every night he came home and Ianto was angrier than he had been in the morning.

The Captain liked to think that it wouldn’t have been that bad if the team had still been in its full state. Just a few months ago, Ianto would have probably resorted to the silent suffering he was ever so good at, and that would be it. Now, though, things had changed and he didn’t seem able to stand the thought of staying home and doing nothing.

It had been an innocent enough thing, especially for their line of work. He’d broken his leg during a mission – and, if Jack was being perfectly honest with himself, he’d admit that he was relieved that this was all that had happened – and Jack had driven him to a hospital at the first possible opportunity. Half an hour later Ianto had been commanded into resting at home for at least two weeks and Jack had been given several suspicious looks and hints about domestic violence that he’d tried very hard not to be offended by.

It wasn’t his fault that he couldn’t explain, either. He’d muttered something about a car accident, but the truth was that the giant alien they’d been fighting in the outskirts of the city had taken Ianto in one of its clawed hands and had tossed him to the ground as if he were a doll. Truth be told, he’d got off easily.

There was no telling him that, though. Or at least Jack knew that he wasn’t brave enough to try.

“I brought you work,” he said as he came through the door, shutting it with a kick and waving the closed laptop at Ianto who was sitting on the sofa with a book. “Just like you asked.”

“Finally,” Ianto groused and reached for it as Jack came closer. “At least I can do something to excuse receiving a salary.”

“Ianto,” Jack started, sitting next to him and rubbing a hand down his back, “you know it’s not like that, don’t you? You just have to look after yourself at the moment; you’ll be back in the field in no time. No one is expecting you to start any sort of heroics now.”

“It’s just the three of us, Jack,” Ianto said, eyes locking with his, and he looked incredibly tired all of a sudden. “We can’t afford this.”

“This isn’t about what we can afford.” Jack tried to make his voice firmed and failed miserably. “Not in the line of work, anyway. I can’t afford to lose you, okay?”

“I’m sick of being useless, Jack!” Ianto shouted, his eyes shining with something between indignation and anger. “I can’t go on like this! I need to do something!”

“And you will,” Jack reminded. “As soon as you’re better, you can do anything you like.” He really didn’t want to give that sort of promise. Not when ‘anything you like’ could involve so many risks. “And if you want it to be sooner, you have to rest for now.”

Ianto sighed, defeated, and leant his head on his Captain’s chest. Jack threw an arm around his shoulders and brought him closer. “Let’s get you to bed, yeah?”

“I can walk,” Ianto grumbled as Jack offered him a hand, but took it anyway.

“I know.” Jack couldn’t help but smile. “Doesn’t mean that I can’t take advantage, though.”

“Ah, yes.” This time Ianto smiled too. “Can’t miss a chance to cop a feel, can you?”

“Never,” Jack declared as he wrapped his arm firmly around Ianto’s waist and took most of his weight as they limped along to the bedroom. “’S not like you’re not a happy provider.”

“Ha,” Ianto retorted darkly. “Shut up and help me get undressed, will you?”

“Now that’s something I enjoy hearing a lot,” Jack joked half-heartedly. He quickly got Ianto out of his clothes and helped him manoeuvre under the covers, following suit only to have the young man wrap himself around him. He stroked the short, soft hair and smiled when he felt Ianto’s eyelashes flutter closed against his cheeks. “Sleep now. You’ll feel better in the morning.”

And hopefully, he would.
Tags: ianto jones, jack harkness, jack/ianto, torchwood

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